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On December 17, the Valdai Club held an expert discussion, titled World Structure and the Interaction of the Leading Powers, in partnership with the Centre for the Study of Russia at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at East China Normal University. The crumbling of the global order and security-related institutions of the second half of the 20th century poses a related question for the foreign policy community of Russia and China what conditions should society in our respective countries be ready for? The course to contain China has become the inter-party consensus in the United States and the main task of American foreign and defence policy. This is the largest turn to have taken place in international relations in recent decades, even surpassing the confrontation between Russia and the West. The largest European countries retain their economic potential and prosperity. However, the new era that has come has tasked them like the rest of the EU with the necessity of developing a new foreign policy strategy. Europe will have to define its role in the US-China confrontation and develop a new course towards Eurasia, which has long refused to act as a passive recipient of European norms and practices. Unilateral economic sanctions or their threat have become the most popular diplomatic tool. This tool is used more and more readily, despite the fact that its ineffectiveness is becoming more obvious. How will world politics change in the context of the US-China confrontation? What threats and opportunities does the new situation pose for other powers in the Pacific region and beyond? What principles will serve as the basis for strategic planning in the EU and its leading countries? What is the real impact of the sanctions on the global economy? These and other questions were answered by the participants in the expert discussion. Speakers: Feng Shaolei, Director of the Centre for Russian Studies, Director of the Research Institute of Russia and Eurasia at East China Normal University. Xing Guangcheng, Director of the APS Centre for Geography and the History of Chinese Border Territories. Wu Dahui, Deputy Director of the Institute for Russian Studies, Tsinghua University. Andrei Baklitsky, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Advanced American Studies, Institute for International Studies, mgimo, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Zhang Xin, Deputy Director of the Centre for Russian Studies at East China Normal University. Moderator: Andrey Sushentsov, Programme Director of the Valdai Club.

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