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to close positions There are two ways to close an open position. IQ Option, steps to take to trade fx on IQ Option. How to use iq option for beginners. Then, the first way is to press the Close button at the top right of the trading window. If trading was that easy why would people like Warren Buffett spend decades building their fortune. Set an autoclose, ask yourself, how to use iq option for beginners. Using the buy feature opens a position that increases in value when the asset youve selected rises in price. Crypto, click on this price which will now be your strike price. Which automatically closes your position if it reaches the set level of profit. Select the amount you wish to invest. ETFs, possible to speculate on both positive and negative price movements. Unless the take profit setting is set at this price. Forex, place amount to invest on your trade. Professional traders understand that protecting the money they already have is more important than making more money. And press either buy or sell. First, you are esentially buying one currency against another. Perfect Money Mastercard Visa Skrill Bitcoin Advcash Webmoney WMZ How.