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How To Invest In Stocks For Beginners? And today I will tell you what to invest your money in, there are many investment options for which you do not need millions. Consider how you can profitably invest even small amounts, what myths confuse novice investors. What you need to know about investing. If you are used to living on only one salary and have never had your own business, then the sphere of investment probably seems difficult and mysterious to you. There are a few simple rules that novice investors should definitely learn so as not to be disappointed at first. 1 Decide on the amount of investment. Start-up capital - what should it be? In theory, you can start your investment business with any amount. For example, buy shares for 500. But such investments will not bring any tangible profit. It is recommended to have at least 5-20 dollars for this purpose. Of course, the higher the investment, the more substantial your passive income will. 2 Risk and return are directly related. The rule of the exchange, and indeed of the business in general, says: the more you risk, the higher the profitability. This means that the most attractive offers can quickly enrich you or completely deprive you of all your investments. So you need to soberly assess whether you have the opportunity to take such risks, whether your budget will withstand such losses. 3 It will not be enough to invest just once. Profit needs to be reinvested, and then the financial instrument will eventually acquire compound interest. In this way, even a modest start-up capital will turn into a good passive income. Channel them to different assets. Ideally, an investment portfolio should contain equal shares of real estate, bonds and stocks. Investing in only a single financial instrument is too risky. This is perfectly stated in the famous English proverb: "Do not store all your eggs in one box." 4 options where to invest your money. Bank deposits, so, this method, although it is safe, does not have a good profitability and is only suitable for saving money. Stock, you can try investing money in stocks - securities that are traded on the stock exchange. By law, an individual must first open a brokerage account. It is through him that the shares are managed. It should be noted that maintaining a brokerage account is a paid service, and a commission is charged for. For withdrawal of funds, conversion, depository services, and so on, you will also have to pay. Bonds, bonds have a significant advantage over stocks: a more stable and predictable price. This means that this financial instrument is associated with lower risks. If we compare it with bank deposits, then it is more profitable than them on average. Bonds are highly liquid (which means they can be sold at any time). However, there is a risk that the company in which the funds are invested will go bankrupt. Residential Properties, traditionally, it is believed that real estate is the best, most reliable investment. Indeed, in a stable economic environment, housing costs are rising, especially in large developing cities. In addition, if a rental service is in demand, you can get a good monthly income. The disadvantages include a high entry threshold, relatively low profitability and dependence on the economy in the country.

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